What is ImmersAV Technology?


Point-of-View Binaural Audio Recording

with High-Definition Video



The evolution of iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other operating systems has enabled the development of personal entertainment products that have revolutionized the way consumers receive and experience audio and visual entertainment. This is evident by the rapid growth of smartphones and tablet computers. ImmersAV Technology builds on the capabilities of these devices by providing “You are There” entertainment based on the synergy of binaural audio and high-definition video.


ImmersAV Technology is a group of audio and video techniques for creating recordings that are true to the original performance and exciting to experience. ImmersAV Recordings are visually stimulating and sonically accurate regarding tonality, directionality, and dynamic range. ImmersAV Recordings are created using Patented audio technology and High Definition Video processes. ImmersAV Recordings are highly engaging and immerse a listener/viewer into the original performance. Productions using this technology are created to make you feel and believe that you are really there, more than any other consumer entertainment format. ImmersAV Recordings require no special playback equipment, and may be formatted for headphone or loudspeaker listening. By selecting from the wide variety of consumer audio and video playback technology, individuals can set their own quality level of entertainment excitement.


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